Hello I'm Ian, a Notion and Business process enthusiast.

I love working with businesses to improve processes and systems. It's my passion to really dive into something to improve functionality and bring a sense of order to working life. My ambition is to help businesses and individuals alike to find their footing and come out stronger, faster, better with the help of exceptional digital operations and productivity. I have over 15 years’ experience working as a finance assistant. To say that I love digging into and working with numbers is an understatement. Since 2019, I've become obsessed with working within Notion. I had notes stored digitally within various platforms, that didn't communicate well with each other. Not to mention the amount of paper based notes. All of this lead to analysis paralysis. A feeling of not knowing how, where or even when to start. Notion changed how I work from organising my day to day working life, to organising projects, how I take notes during studying for exams and so much more. This is what led me to the creation of this site and helping others achieve that zen, within their own working platform! With this passion and love for numbers I’ve also become fascinated with using tools such as Power BI and Tableau to develop powerful visualisations to garner insights from data. After implementing Power BI with Sage 50, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dabbling with the data analysis side of this tool; predictive, cognitive, diagnostic and prescriptive analytics. During 2020 with not much in the way of work, I’ve spent my time to develop my skillset so that I could become a more well-rounded individual, with lots to offer. Have a look at the tools I use and the certifications I have completed to see whether I can help add value to your organisation today!